8 "Beercation" Destinations for the Beer Lover
Lee Gilbert , Editor | Jul 1, 2014
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Why not marry two of your loves Beer and Vacations. These eight vacation locations span the world and some are little off the trail.

1. Munich, Germany: Munich is a beer lover’s paradise, especially during the first few weeks of October (Oktoberfest). The world’s largest beer fair is epic and any beer lover will truly enjoy the experience! Although the beer is great all year long in Munich, the first few weeks of October is the best time to visit and you should plan accordingly when making your travel arrangements!

2. Portland, Oregon: Portland has the most microbreweries of any city in the United States of America. With tons of options to choose from including Widmer Bros brewing and Tugboat Brewing Company along with many more! This is any beer lovers dream as there are more options on breweries than one can handle!

3. Denver, Colorado: Don’t even bother with checking out Coors, Denver has a great microbrewery scene as well as an amazing craft beer culture. Denver is a great destination for a “beercation

4. New York City: Although it does not have many microbreweries, NYC is the home to Brooklyn Brewery as well as Radiant Pig and Singlecut Brewery in Astoria Queens. NYC has many bars that are filled with Craft Beers and they are usually all open until 4am!

5. Prague, Czech Republic: Prague is a great beer city. I have visited the city a few times and in all of my journeys I have been able to enjoy some amazing beer. Pilsner Urquell is one of their most popular beers and it is very enjoyable to drink!

6. London, England: Pubs on Pubs on Pubs, London is a great place to visit for a beer lover. Try some of the local brews like Fullers and enjoy their beer. Pubs close early though, so if you are there make sure you get your drinking in!

7. Vermont: Vermont is known for amazing skiing in the winter and great outdoor sports during the summer. But now Vermont is slowly becoming one of the best Craft Beer destinations in America. Magic Hat Brewery as well as many others reside in the beautiful state of Vermont and it is the perfect place for a beer lover to visit.3

8. San Francisco, California: A great Craft Beer destination with many breweries to choose from. San Francisco is a beautiful city and the beer lover will always find a place to enjoy some suds in the city by the bay!

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