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Joy DiBenedetto
Editor, On the Off Trail

About this community:

On The Off Trail is all about traveling, discovering and sharing the world, by yourself or with a crowd. This is about us, young adults that want to learn, give, share or just explore the world. Usually it's someplace you've never heard of. Other times it can be right in your own backyard. You'll find out how, when, where and what it's all about to travel the world and come back home in one piece.

About the editor:

I'm a true `globalist' and keen observer with a wide international perspective, who is working to promote global understanding worldwide currently as President & CEO, spokesperson of the venerable, Friendship Force International (FFI) and by utilizing the medium of media. (FFI) is a worldwide network of clubs (local chapters) and individuals who strive to advance a mission of global understanding across the barriers that separate people. A veteran journalist and media executive I'm also the Founding Chair & CEO of the digital, `mass-casted' content company HUM: Human Unlimited Media, (WWW.HUMNEWS.COM)/@HUMNEWS where we work to maximize the international information and content landscape with HUM Global, HUMNEWS, HUMMEDIA and the portfolio of various HUM efforts to expand and support the messaging of social innovators, individuals, corporations, NGO's, media, academia, humanitarian & service organizations globally. Formerly, Vice President, Network Booking and Research for CNN Worldwide. 20 years covering every major global news event in successively senior positions, from the studio and in the field; domestically and internationally; as an award-winning storyteller, producer, and executive. Corporate/diplomatic representative to newsmakers, VIP's, industry associations, professional organizations; governments; national, pan-national & international groups; extensive global travel & public speaking. Constantly pursuing a goal of meaningful media. Find more at https://www.linkedin.com/in/joydibenedetto.