Granada, Spain: The Home To Amazing Food
Lee Gilbert , Editor | Jul 23, 2014
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Granada Spain is one of the most beautiful places you can visit in the world. From beautiful architecture to amazing food and restaurants, Granada has it all....Check out these hot spots for some delicious food!

Viva Maria: This Italian food restaurant has a lot of personality. It is run by Maria, the Italian cook, who has an open kitchen and displays all things she has prepared for the day at the restaurant’s big glass window. Maria has no ready menus as she cooks fresh every day. Some of the freshest food you will ever have is at Viva Maria. The seafood is spectacular and you can tell that everything she serves is cooked with love. What a place...A must go!

La Fabula: hThis Spanish and Contemporary style restaurant is one of the best in Granada. Everything is served fresh and they have some amazing options to choose from. The 11+ course tasting menu we chose featured well executed, modern reinterpretations of classic Spanish fare and was a true bargain at 60 euros. The optional wine paIring ( only 10 euros p.p.) was outstanding. Service here is highly stylized and choreographed, but with a very friendly and playful tone; the coordinated spoon spinning was a pleasant part of the evening's entertainment.

La Botilleria: With regional wines from the countryside around Granada this restaurant is home grown and spectacular. The waiter was quite knowledgeable about the wines and food, and how to visit the vineyards themselves. The first round was served with jamón ibérico that was simple but exceptional. We had ordered anchovies, very delicious with a small side of salad, and morcilla. This is an excellent restaurant and is a staple in Granada.

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